Sometimes I’m Right, Sometimes I’m Wrong, but I’m Always Real



Capturing the hearts of people across the country with his charismatic comedy, Marcus D. Wiley serves as the latest installment to clean comedy that cuts to the funny bone. His style of comedy also makes you want to take action on bettering your life. His rapidly growing acclaim was bolstered after securing a coveted spot on the syndicated Yolanda Adams Morning Show. Marcus has taken clean comedy to the upper echelon of entertainment. Wooing the masses, Wiley’s widespread appeal is contemporary enough to entice the fashion-savvy and culturally conscious Generation Xs, Ys, and Zs, but traditional enough to melt the matriarchs as he recounts Mama’s mandates.


  • Laughalujah Comedy Tour
  • Ricky Smiley & Friends
  • Radio One Family Tour
  • Festival of Praise II
  • One Place Live



  • KYND RADIO 1480 AM

Grammy award winner Yolanda Adams states he is a comedic genius. His delivery is smooth but, yet made of steel. That’s because Marcus has a message to deliver along with making you laugh. The most exciting thing about attending Marcus’ stand-up show is, you are guaranteed to laugh and leave the show with a message on life: how to be a better you, how to better your relationship with not only God, but with the people around you, how to make a good life out of what you have and the importance of communication, just to name a few topics.


As a writer Marcus has gathered his thoughts and put pen to pad thus becoming a published author. In his first installment, “Hustle & Faith” Marcus dissects and re-evaluates the scripture, “ without works is dead.” In his own words,

“I am not a theologian! I did not study hermeneutics and homiletics in seminary school. I can’t exegete or eisegete text, but I can read! The bible tells me that faith without works is dead! What I’ve learned is, it will never be your season if you have not plowed. You cannot reap what you have not sown. My experience proves that God will honor your faith by rewarding your hustle. The book Hustle & Faith is a twenty-first century, urban vernacular biography of what God did for me, when I decided to do something for myself.”

Stay tuned for: “Just One Of Them Things”  … coming soon to a book store near you.



  • Angelina Junior College – Associates Degree in Fine Arts, Theatre
  • Texas Southern University – Bachelor’s Degree in Radio, TV, Film
  • Texas Southern University – Master’s Degree in Communication